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Our father left behind one residential complex, one commercial complex, substantial cash balance, shares and other household items utensils etc. I want to know the method of dividing whether on the basis of mothers(50% for me and the balance50% for my 2 step brothers ) or equelly among us. Sorry if I am sounding a little persistant but would like a reply on my query Are civil laws being introduced in India? Now we all want to transfer our home on the name of my mother which was on the of my father but he died and there is Will for the Home.

Our late mother left behind gold ornaments worth around 25 tolas. which protect biological sons and daughters from intentional disinheritance from parental property ? i want to sell the properies now since i have no children bu my sister refuses to sell as she has a daughter and is hoping after my death and hers all the propety will go to her daughter, how can i sell my share of the property. So request you Please tell me the complete procedure that How can we(three brothers) can transfer this home to on the name of our motherm looking after a case of my close relative.. their mother was gifted with a property from her father in law..after few years she was murderedby her own husband and the father of the two girls..

Rental income from commercial complex is around Rs.5.00 lac per annum and for this purpose one partnership firm was formed with our father, three of our sisters and, brother as partners. please advise With an intention to disinherit the step son my father made a deed of gift of all his inherited property in favor of my mother, who was married 2nd time after the death of first wife. for which he was imprisoned n got relief from the supreme court..

After the death of our father entire rental income was usurped by our brother in conspiracy with one of our sister who was the partner in the firm, and not accounted the same. We are not sure whether he has unilaterally deleted our name as partner in the firm. We are three brothers and our mother is still living. Is the step son legal heir of the fathers inherited property? so i want to know does their father hold any right in the property now, as he has married some other female and also does not look after the girls too...

I get e-mails and comments regarding a lot of these questions so I felt this would be the best way to get back to everyone.

the entire property may be subject to testamentary succession or intestate succession if there is no will.

Orders of intestate succession: The following is an outline of the orders of succession and the shares of inheritance for heirs in different groups in India: If the deceased is a Hindu male (including Buddhists, Sikh, Jain, and all those who are not Christian, Muslim or Parsi): Class I heirs of a male Hindu who shall simultaneously inherit are: • Mother being alive (1 share) • Widow (1 share) • Living sons (1 share each) • Living daughters (1 share each) • Predeceased son having the following relations (1 share) • widow • sons • daughters – each to be equally divided.

Family law has always been a part of religious law.

This means that no uniform code for civil law exists in India, even though it has been put into the Directive Principles of State Policy of the Constitution of India.If the deceased is a Parsi: Widow / Widower Children (equally) Living parents-each to get a share equal to half of a child Wife and children of a predeceased son to share the share of the child as if the son died after the death of the deceased.

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