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Get the Daily Lesson on our Toolbar or your own website, receive the Lesson by RSS on your Google, Yahoo or MSN Homepage, by any Webs Based Reader or by email.in Wonderen Internationaal serves humanity through the healing power of forgiving love.Kurs Cudw Dla Wszystkich reprezentuje miliony nauczycieli i studentw Kursu, ktrzy indywidualnie oraz wsplnie odkrywaj Pokj owiecajcej przemiany, ktrej z tsknot wyczekuje caa ludzko. This garden of daily inspiration is devoted to the inner self & spiritual healing.Kurs Cudw Dla Wszystkich dziaa w 23 krajach oraz czynnie wspiera orodki nauczania i uzdrawiania w Stanach Zjednoczonych, Niemczech, Polsce i Kolumbii. And whatever you click on is Divine Guidance for this moment.Interfaith Unity Church celebrates the uniqueness of each individual, regardless of race, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.We are "A Comm UNITY of Love in Action" with daily ACIM study groups.A Course In Miracles likens us to waves that think they’re separate from the ocean, or sunbeams thinking they’re separate from the sun.

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MPM provides inmates, families, communities, institutions & their staff with written literature, audio/visual tapes and CD's, as well as, on-site individualized self-help training programs.

Our joint destiny is to reawaken to the peace of God through the self-realization of our Oneness. It is our collective dream to bring together a community of like-love minded souls to share what we have all come to know.

A journal of Full Endeavor, Joyful Adventure and Daily Experience on my Journey of Awakening and Spiritual Enlightenment. This Forum will be open for all who walk the Path of CRS provides counseling, energy healing, and guided meditations based on A Course in Miracles.

Here, through ACIM study, we recognize that salvation occurs when one person meets another, meaning if you can save another person by seeing his truth, and realizing you and he are one being, then both of you will be healed, saved.

Wir haben in dem un-irdischen Meisterwerk Ein Kurs in Wundern ein Geistestraining gefunden, das zu der ganz real krperlichen, geistigen und emotionalen Transformation unserer selbst fhrt und zur Erkenntnis, dass ein jeder von uns ein ganzer Teil der ewiglich schpferischen Quelle aller Wirklichkeit ist.(Use whatever words you would like that don’t offend or turn you off, or connote images that bring about fear or punishment or notions that you may have learned in school years ago and that don’t feel good or right.) Whether your spiritual or religious path embraces the teachings of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, A Course In Miracles, Christian Science, Unity, The Science of Mind or any other religious or spiritual text, and whether it follows Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Mohammed or any other prophet or leader, the path Home travels via the alchemy of “forgiveness”, which means to “surrender” or to let go, in sanskrit, and is re-defined here as a release of the ego’s illusory world in which we all appear to be separate and alone.