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This lap dance bar in Amsterdam has gogo girls, lap dancers, topless women and a variety in videos. A perfect candidate who could spend lots of money on me, she thought. Out of the blue there was this big colossal bouncer.The entrance fee and drink prices are both reasonable and the club is aimed at locals and tourists who want to watch an adult show at a reasonable price, comfortably, and without any hassle… So there they went, to the infamous lap dance bar La Vie en Proost. She whispered in Elard’s ear: “Hi sweetie, I hope you liked my lap dance. ” He raised his eyebrows, but was willing to buy her a drink. Elard said: “I don’t have enough money on me, I only have 20 euros and my debit card”.Drinks are known to be expensive, but the music is loud and sets a fun atmosphere.The Bananabar is a world-famous attraction that’s often described as the most eccentric bar in Amsterdam.Teasers is similar to the American restaurant chain Hooters without the hotwings.Young women serve drinks in tight outfits, occasionally offering body shots and bar dances. Here’s how to have a fantastic time while experiencing its clubs, bars, and other after-dark entertainment options.

In Amsterdam, the types of theaters you find open late into the night are those offering erotic shows.

Drinks are included in the cover charge, but the cover is known to be very high and based on the amount of time you plan to spend in the bar.

Private shows are available, but keep in mind that no cameras are allowed.

Casa Rosso is one of the most popular theaters with a reputation for excellent acoustics and fantastic drink service right to your seat.

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Shows tend to last about an hour in the Red Light District.

Okey, there is something we’ve gotta add to “reasonable prices” and “without any hassle”. Therefor, Martijn decided to pay for Elard’s first lap dance. Elard was nervous, although he didn’t know that he would be getting a lap dance. “screw it, a beer or wine can’t be expensive”, he thought. Elard raised his eyebrows again, but still had this mindset of “how expensive can a glass of champagne be”? The bouncer told him, with a low-voice, that there was an ATM in the back and that he was more than willing to assist Elard to it. More like a boy who was about to get bamboozled by a stripper.