Antique dating periods

28-Dec-2017 03:36

Twist legs, carved scrolls, caned seats and veneering.Skilled French workers sought refuge in Britain when Louis XIV of France ceased to protect Protestants, 1685.The term Art Deco - like most stylistic labels - was unknown at the time the furniture was being made.It derives from the 1925 Arts Decoratifs exhibition in Paris, and only came to be applied to the style in the 1960s.Claw-and-ball feet became the fashionable termination of the cabriole leg.

In the mid-18th century, Irish furniture was so extravagant in its use of richly carved mahogany - especially for side tables on cabriole legs - that a whole class is described as 'Irish Chippendale'.Rounded arches - a typical Romanesque feature - occur on chests as late as the 17 th C, But the few examples still in existence which I date from earlier than 1300 are simply constructed and mostly carved with roundels bearing little relation to Romanesque architecture. The Gothic style was revived in the mid-late C and again in Regency and Vigorian times.ELIZABETHAN Renaissance When Elizabeth' came to the throne in 1558, most furniture was functional and plain.Their constant evolution throughout history, always adapting but never losing their stylistic roots from their earliest days is a testimony to their timeless designs.

To my mind (albeit prejudiced) Chinese potters throughout history have been more influential than any other culture in setting the standards by which nearly all vases are viewed.Europe, but were interpreted in a distinctive fashion.

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