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27-Oct-2017 01:24

Side Stix can be used effectively during rehab in the early transition phases, including fitting and learning to walk with the prosthesis.

For amputees secure on their prosthesis, Side Stix can be used to access difficult terrain and help participation in high level sports/activities such as triathlon, climbing and hiking.

If you can manage it, this seems to be the way to go.

Best suggestion would be to work with a PT (that can catch you, hint hint) to see what level of help would be most appropriate for your abilities, and would also see what you are comfortable with spending your money on.

Good luck going into braces, it can be a hard adjustment.

one more thing, the best and lightest crutches on the market. By the way, I'm dictating this using the new Dragon 9 software.

I used forearm crutches because I feel more stable that way.

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