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18-Aug-2017 03:12

Cook While Apple’s reputation among survey respondents fell slightly from last year’s third place, and even further from its first place position in 2012, it is still one of the most favored companies in the nation.Of the six reputation dimensions, the company was rated best for its vision and leadership, trailing only Wegmans Food Markets.

Any score below 50 is considered a “critical” reputation.Meanwhile, some companies have been able to transcend their industry’s middling, for example, scored second overall, beating the retail industry average by well over 20 points. Bean retail store, Friday, March 8, 2013, in Freeport, Maine. Upstate New York-based grocery chain Wegmans is the most highly-regarded company.

Bean saw enough growth in revenue and profits in its fiscal year to warrant a healthy employee bonus approved Friday, but the retailer would've seen even stronger performance if the president and Congress would reach an agreement on the economy, the company's CEO Chris Mc Cormick said. Bukaty) Goldman Sachs has the worst reputation of any major American company.“Industries do certainly have their own reputations,” explained Aneysha Pearce, vice president of consulting reputation management and public affairs at Nielsen.