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Tournier, Paul – To Understand Each Other Towns, Ruth & Elmer – Joined Together Trent, John – Building a Great Marriage Treat, Casey & Wendy Relationships – The Foundation of a Rich Life (video) – What Did You Expect (dvd) Relationships-a Mess Worth Making Tripp, Paul & Lane, Timothy-How People Change Turnball, Bob & Yvonne – Team Mates* Vander Klok, Duane-Get the Junk out of Your Trunk Vernick, Leslie-How to Live Right When Your Life Goes Wrong Wagner – Strategies for a Successful Marriage – Men Walterstein – Second Chances Warren – The Triumphant Marriage The Purpose Driven Life Warrener’s, Diane – The Complete Book of Wedding Vows Weiner- Davis – Michele – Divorce Busting* – see under Davis Weiss, Douglass – Intimacy – A 100 Day Guide to Lasting Relationships Wheat, Ed – Love Life for Every Married Couple* Intended for Pleasure The First Years of Forever (book on tape) White, Debra – 101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage Wilke-Jackson – When We Can’t Talk Anymore Williams, Joe & Michelle – Yes, Your Marriage Can be Saved Williams, Mike – Men Moved to Mars When Women Started Killing the Ones on Venus* Williams, Pat & Jill – Rekindled Restoring a Broken Marriage (audio) Dr. Yagel – 15 Minutes to Build a Stronger Marriage Yerkovich – How We Love Young, Ed – Romancing the Home The 10 Commandments of Marriage Zacharias, Rave – I, Isaac, Take Thee Rebekah Zigarelli, Michael – Freedom from Busyness – DVD Zigler, Zig – Goals – Setting and Achieving Keeping Romance in Your Marriage (audio) Message of Hope (audio) *From personal library Additional Audio and Videos Available for Check-Out Audio Adrian Bickley – Blended Families (tape) BNA Communications – Choices – 3 VHS videos Brecheen & Paul – Marriage Enrichment (tapes) Covey, Stephen – VHS: First Things First ( 12 minutes) The Seven Habits Video Illustrations: “I Know Just What You Mean” (Listening – 11 minutes) “The Law of the Harvest” (Reap What You Sow – 6 minutes) “Survival/Revival” (Taking a Break – 6 minutes) “Mauritius” (Strength in Diversity – 20 minutes) “Stone” (Principles – 7 Minutes) “Q 11 Firefighters (World Class – 6 minutes) “Discovery of a Character” (Transcending Problems – 12 minutes) “A Pretty Close Second” (Conflict – 13 minutes) Faulkner Burns & Ruth Graham – Dealing With Your Family’s Heartbreak (CD) Focus on the Family – Building Intimacy in Marriage (tape) Reconcilable Marriages (tape) Romance After Marriage (tape) Gillogly, Harold & Bette – Connecting to the Power Source Experiencing Sexual Intimacy (4 part tape) Jackson, Mark – Marriage Is God’s Plan (CD’s) John Gray Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (CD and tape) Men, Women and Relationships (tape) Harley, Willard – His Needs/Her Needs (tape) Lauer, Robert – How to Build a Happy Marriage (tape) C. Lewis – The Four Loves (tape) Rick Marks – Divine Order of Marriage (CD) Forgiveness (CD) Pittman, Frank – Teaching Men Marriage (tape) Nelson, Tommy – Is God the Author of Sexuality?Bruce Wilkerson – The Dream Giver Wilson, Adams – Marriage Matters Keeping the Holy in Matrimony Winseman, Albert – Living Out of Your Strengths (book and wkbk) Woodhouse, Collins & Blakeman – Divorce and Money – Before You Say ‘I Do:’ A Marriage Prep Manual for Couples Making Peace with Your Partner Up Close and Personal Communication Making Your Love Last Forever Quiet Times for Couples* The Complete Book of Wedding Vows Wright & Oliver – How to Change Your Spouse Without Ruining. (tape) Real, Terrence- How Can I Get Through to You?Archibald – Evil, Sin and Suffering Harvey, Donald – The Spiritually Intimate Marriage Hawk – Family Enrichment in Your Church* Hawkins – Money Talks* Tarnished Rings* Heald – Loving Your Husband Loving Your Wife Health Communication- Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul Helm & Helm – Great Expectations – A Guide for Your First Years Hendricks, Howard & Jeanne – Heaven Help the Home Husband and Wives (A Compilation of Authors) Hendricks, William – Rocking the Roles – Building a Win-Win Marriage Hemfelt, Robert – Love is a Choice Herring – Discovering God’s Purpose for Families pamphlet* For This Cause – The Priorities of Marriage* Hershey – Intimacy: The Longsigs of Every Human Heart* Hester – Christian Sex Education* Hocking, David & Carole – Romantic Lovers Hollis Preventing Divorce – pamphlet* Hudson, Penny – Coupletime Manual for Leaders and numerous articles Hughes, Jim – C Through Marriage-Revitalizing Your Vows Hunt, Gladys-Focus on Family Life Hunt, June-Blended Family-God’s Recipe for Success Keeping Your Cool When Your Anger is Hot Hybells Marriage – Building Real Intimacy workbook* Hunter, Frances-My Love Affair W/Charles Ingram, Chip – Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships Innes – How to Mend a Broken Heart Jakes, Bishop, T. – The Good Samaritan Jackson, Mark – Marriage Is God’s Plan – Responsibilities of Husbands and Wives, Marriage & Divorce, How to Find a Wife – DVD’s Jeffress, Robert-When Forgiveness Doesn’t Make Sense Jennings, Timothy – The Brain, God and Everyday Life Jones, Thomas – When You’re Single Again Johnson, Judith, Rev.– The Wedding Planner Jenkins – Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It* (2) Jordon, Farris – Bonded Together in Love-Singles Rebuild Relationships Johnson, Dr.

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Books Available Through The Marriage Education and Resource Center (MERCY)’S Lending Library Abraham, Laurie – The Husbands and Wives Club Akin, Daniel – God on Sex: The Creator’s Ideas About Love, Intimacy and Marriage Alberti, Fischer – Rebuilding – When Your Relationship Ends Aldrich – Men Read Newspapers, Not Minds Aldous, Joan – Family Careers – Rethinking the Developmental Perspective Andrews & Andrews Husbands and Wives – The Best of Friends* – Every Heart Restored -A Wife’s Guide to Healing in the Wake of a Husband’s Sexual Sin Every Man’s Battle Every Man’s Marriage and workbook Every Young Woman’s Battle Every Woman’s Desire Healing is a Choice The 7 Minute Marriage Solution – A Marriage Without Regret (2) As Silver Refined – Learning to Embrace Life’s Disappointments Arvin, Kay K. Brazelton – Families: Crisis and Caring Brister – Life Under Pressure Dealing With Stress in Marriage – pamphlet* – CD’s: Communicating to Encourage Closeness Connecting Through Shared Faith God’s Plan for Marriage Language of Love The Big “D” Brown, Steve – Overcoming Setbacks Bruner and Stoope – It Starts at Home Burkett – Financial Freedom Making Ends Meet* Burns & Whiteman – The Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook Butterworth, Bill-New Life After Divorce Carder, Dave – Close Calls Torn Asunder – Surviving Infidelity Carlson, Dwight, M. – Overcoming Hurts and Anger Chafin, Kenneth – Is There a Family in the House Chambers, Mae/Erika – Can My Marriage Be Saved – Desperate Marriages The Five Love Languages The Five Love Languages of Apology The Love Languages of God Five Signs of a Loving Family Hope for the Separated 101 Conversation Starters for Couples* Loving Solutions – Overcoming Barriers in Your Marriage The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted Toward a Growing Marriage* When Sorry Isn’t Enough – Revised copy of The Five Love Languages of Apology – Married Lovers – Married Friends Annie – What Husbands and Wives Aren’t Telling Each Other Carder, Henson – The Secret of Your Family Tree Cherry, Debbie – Discovering the Treasure of Marriage* J. Chick – The Marriage Mess Clark, Chap – The Next Time I Fall in Love Clarke, David, Ph.– Beyond the Masquerade – Unveiling the Authentic You – DNA of Relationships Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage* For Better or Best – Understand Your Man How to Become Your Husband’s Best Friend I Promise-How 5 Commitments Determine the Destiny of Your Marriage If I Only Knew If Only He Knew – What No Woman Can Resist Joy that Lasts Life, Love and Lasting Relationships Love is a Decision Loving Each Other for Better or Best Making Love Last* Making Love Last Forever One Flame-How to Weather Five Winds in Marriage The Joy of Committed Love The Language of Love* The Marriage You’ve Always Dreamed of The Two Sides of Love Your Marraige Can be a Honeymoon Again (audio) Home Of Honor – VHS Series: Keys To Reducing Conflict Barriers To Intimacy Destroying Intimacy Changing Behaviors and Habits Boundaries Energize Your Mate Divorce Proof Marriage Sexual Intimacy Stages of Life & Understanding Key Changes Smith, Debra White – 101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage Smith, Joshua – God Attachment: Why You Believe, Act and Feel the Way You do About God Smith, Joyce Marie – Understanding Your Emotions Smith, Tim – Learning to Live with the One you Love Smoke – Growing Through Divorce When Couples Pray Together Snyder – Happily Married Opposites Southerland, Mary – Hope in the Midst of Depression Sortor, Toni – 365 Daily Devotions for Couples* Stanchfield, Wilma-Struck by Lightning Then by Love Stanley – Heart of Commitment A Lasting Promise – Revised – I Marriage (DVD and workbook) Staying in Love – DVD and Participant’s Guide When Work and Family Collide Stanley, Trathen – Like a Tree Planted By The Water(Prep Prayer Journal) Stanton, Glenn-My Crazy Imperfect Christian Family Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor Mc Cain & Bryan – A Lasting Promise* Stedman, Mike & Mary – Marriage on The Run Stewart, Suzanne-Divorced Stoop – The Intimacy Factor When Couples Pray Together Strach – Until You Say I Do Strobel, Lee & Leslie – Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch Straub, Dr.