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The diversity between the mountains and sea offers visitors to Emilia Romagna breathtaking views, in addition to beauty for both the eyes and spirit, with a mixture of the earthy colors, the aromas and the fresh sea air.Not to mention that Emilia Romagna is a hotbed for music, cinema and art appreciated nationally and internationally.

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This can be seen in the roads, façades of the buildings and the other artistic treasures the town has to offer, especially the Castello Estense.Emilia Romagna itself offers a diverse series of itineraries, almost all customized to visitors’ demands.For nature lovers, 2 national parks, 14 regional parks and 11 regional reserves offer sport and leisure to those who want to plunge into the green.Many who love the combination of sun, sea and entertainment choose the Romagna Riviera.

It possesses the longest beach in Europe, and is where visitors flock to enjoy its sport offerings and leisure facilities.

And Imola, with its historic forts and piazzas, is the seat of the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Autodrome, continuous venue for bicycle and motorcycle events.