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In actuality, Dok Ko-Jin is arrogant, self absorbed, and downright mean to those who know him.

By chance, Dok Ko-Jin and Ku Ae-Jung cross paths at a gas station.

Of course the Hong sisters rarely have stereotypical men in their plots and GHJ is always a strong female lead, still it was great to see an actor both look the part of the typical macho K-hero and undercut it.

Not just by being comical but by bringing empathy and thoughtfulness to the role.

"The Greatest Love" depicts a sometimes comical, sometimes sad, sometimes sweet and sometimes maddening love square between a popular actor, a washed up former pop idol, a successful former pop idol, and a doctor of traditional Asian medicine.

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It's Ae-Jung's willingness to sacrifice herself that lies behind why she finds it so difficult to escape her bad image and the rumors that follow her. Not sure about your taste, but you are the only one who had a negative comment about the story being boring.Having said that it does appear to me that even in dramas with strong female leads, K-dramas invite you to gaze at the hero solely. Can't believe what a great kisser Cha Seung-won is. Don't know if I was super impressed because Having previously watched George Hu in Love Around, was so disappointed that such a hot looking guy simply "pressed lips" with his leading lady. It's very addicting(worst than smoking pot or using weeds).. The female protagonist was JUST Gong Hyo Jin AKA Gongvely(this lady is freakin' lucky to have a talent and beauty at the same time.) not just that she's really lucky to be paired with those GUYS. Unnie saranghae Truthfully, I just recently discovered this through Warm and Cozy by the Hong Sisters.At times even GHJ falls off the radar given the focus on CSW. She plays a fair few stereotypical downtrodden, good girl roles but she always brings out the inner strength and values instead of a woe is me portrayal. But this year Ive watched it without skipping and liked it very much. This drama comes up a lot of difficulties of showbiz. Watching this made me feel bad for celebrities who get nasty comments from people. I became a fan of Cha Seung Won after watching this (already a fan of Gong Hyo Jin). I haven't seen him in other dramas, but it made me wonder if there was a problem working with each other. I warn youuuu( for those who will gonna watch this) Honestly it's been years that I first watch it. I mean hot guys every other drama she's on.( Remember: Pasta, So Ji Sub( The Master's Sun), Jo In Sung( IOIL) 5. How you wish that they will be a couple for real but Cha Seung Won is married.( dont get me wrong, whoever GHJ's leading man, I always ship them and wish that they will be together for real) 6. (especially the feelings where you feel there's butterfly in your stomach) 7. Then I knew that Gong Hyo-Jin was the leading actress, i thought that I should quickly watch this drama since she's such a great actress and also one of my favorites.Unlike C or J dramas where no matter how much of an ideal the hero is you are looking at him through the female lead thus elevating her role. Rest of the cast - YKS, Choi Hwa-jung were my picks. The first few episodes didn't draw me in but I continued. This drama made my heart aching, had me laughing and crying. You can't forget Kong Hyo-Jin, she's one of the best actress's. But I didn't like the ending even though it was a happy end. Its actually hard to get over this drama and move on to the next, hard to find another one that would compare to it. Will definitely "research" this because this couple had to go thru so much to finally end up with each other and it fell flat by being expressed by just hugs and flat kisses. I feel like I am needing assistance to guide me in a mental hospital. Loving this drama and thinking how well Gong hyo jin plays these roles.

They should have shown all the truth of 10 years rumors that they were not true and how the lead actress a good person. He is so funny and he his appeal is just to die for. This drama is a must-watch for those people who love romcom dramas. I loved her in Master's Sun and It's OK That's Love. My fave costar with her though is So Ji sub lol such chemi.

Unfortunately for both, Ku Ae-Jung, caught up in the excitement and pressure of the game, accidentally reveals one of the secrets that she overheard in his dressing room--that Dok Ko-Jin tried to bribe a movie director with a bottle of wine.