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Virtualization and provisioning of infrastructure resources mean pooling resources together and allocating to the appropriate consumers based on policies.

For example, one policy might be to dedicate enough processing power to a web server that it can always provide sub-second response time.

That rule could be fulfilled in different ways by the provisioning software in order to balance the requests of all consumers.

Treating infrastructure resources as a single pool and allocating those resources on demand saves money by eliminating under utilized capacity and redundant capabilities.

This generates more reliable business processes and lowers cost through increased automation and reduced variability.

The third dimension to grid computing, after infrastructure and applications, is information.

Application resources in the grid are the encodings of business logic and process flow within application software.

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Furthermore, applications that are orchestrated from published services are able to view activities in a business as a single whole, so that processes are standardized across geography and business units and processes are automated end-to-end.Service oriented architecture has emerged as a superior model for building applications, and service oriented architecture concepts align exactly with the core tenets of grid computing.