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We didn’t know that our Life Straw Go would be our best companions for the whole trip.There are two things travelers should pay attention to when travelling: Filthy water and plastic bottles.Traveling in Central Asia, fresh water is always available.The rivers crafted the landscape and still flow in the valleys, everywhere.Such a journey need careful preparation and a quest for the right equipment.When looking for solutions for drinkable water, we were fortunate enough to be supported by Life Straw.Using the Life Straw, we forgot about all the issues that the common traveler would face when looking for water.A great example of this was when we saw teams of travelers from the “Mongol Rallye” in Murghab, a remote village in Tajikistan.

We wanted to experience adventure away from the beaten path and make authentic encounter with the local population.

First, be aware that in remote or poor countries, the quality of the water you find in nature might probably not be suitable for drinking.

You can try, of course, but you might deeply regret it.

The water from Life Straw is directly filtered, keeping its freshness.

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Nothing is better than the feeling of drinking icy water from a waterfall that’s along the road.We were worried we wouldn’t feel thirsty until too late, worried by many other issues on the road.