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27-Aug-2017 01:01

You Tube provides three choices for a video’s thumbnail, one of which is grabbed from the exact middle of the video.As we edit our videos, we make sure that the frame at the very middle is interesting.In other words, not all videos go viral organically – there is a method to the madness.I can’t reveal our clients’ names and I can’t link to the videos we’ve worked on, because You Tube surely doesn’t like what we’re doing and our clients hate to admit that they need professional help with their “viral” videos.This guest post was written by Dan Ackerman Greenberg, co-founder of viral video marketing company The Comotion Group and lead TA for the Stanford Facebook Class.

This summer, we were approached by a Hollywood movie studio and asked to help market a series of viral clips they had created in advance of a blockbuster.Titles can be changed a limitless number of times, so we sometimes have a catchy (and somewhat misleading) title for the first few days, then later switch to something more relevant to the brand.

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