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Feathers are an advanced, or derived trait, and derived traits, once established, usually (but not always) stick with an evolutionary lineage. There is a big difference between a tyrannosaur: humans versus humanoids in every cheesy sci-fi show ever, or hominins (us, and our immediate evolutionary kin) and hominoids, which include all the hominins plus apes, chimpanzees and orangutans.

There is quite a difference in furriness between us and our closest living relatives, bonobos and chimps, and we’ve only been separated from them, genetically speaking, for a few million years.

Maybe some blobby dots or stripes, if the book you were reading was a bit out there.

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You had your gray dinosaur, your green dinosaur and usually a brownish-tan one.Or it might have evolved some compensating method of heat loss that we don’t have any clue about based on the fossil record.” Show Me Some Skin The team’s detailed analysis of existing specimens of later tyrannosaur skin revealed that it resembles that of duckbilled dinosaurs, which are not closely related.There are numerous fossilized skin samples sitting in museums and identified as belonging to duckbilled dinosaurs, but it may be time for a rethink on that, too.They may or may not be our great-grandparents, but they are at least great-aunts and uncles, and represent the general course of evolution that led to our species.) “It seems like a step ‘backwards,’ but evolution doesn’t work with any kind of master plan in mind,” says Persons. rex and its close relatives were better off without a feather covering.

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It seems likely that the explanation has to do with needing to readily lose body heat, rather than retain it.

But with the discovery that birds descended from one branch of the dinosaur family tree, and the unearthing of the first feathered dinosaurs a couple decades ago, some people — researchers, artists and ordinary dino-philes — have taken the whole Big Birdosaurus thing Way. The thinking was (and still is) that feathers first evolved in dinosaurs not for flight or showy peacockery displays but for insulation.