Occupational therapist dating patient

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It is acommitment to benefit others, to virtuous practice of artistry and science, to genuinely good behaviors, and to noble acts of courage.Recognizing and resolving ethical issues is a systematic process that includes analysisof the complexdynamics of situations, weighingof consequences, making reasoneddecisions, taking action, and reflecting on outcomes.Occupational Therapists work in the child's home, nursery and school as well as clinics and health centres and other locations in the community depending on the needs of the child.A) REFERRALWhen a referral is received additional information may be gathered and a decision will be made as to the appropriateness and urgency of the referral.This Codeis not exhaustive; that is, the Principles and Standards of Conduct cannot address everypossible situation.

Recipients of services maybe individuals, groups,families, organizations, communities,orpopulations (AOTA, 2014b).Theprocess for addressingethics violations by AOTAmembers (and associatemembers, where applicable) is outlined in the Code’s Enforcement Procedures (AOTA, 2014a).