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14-Jul-2017 19:23

Maybe I’m too traditional, but I really want a guy to approach me first and that doesn’t always happen online.

In fact, I’ve read a few articles that say girls who approach guys are more successful. If you’ve read my Misadventures in Online Dating, you would know that I spend too much time in this phase rather than just meeting someone. You learn more about a person quicker than you would traditionally and a lot of times you don’t even know how you work in person.

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A lot of people think that it’s easier to lie online (just listen to the Brad Paisley song Online).Obviously the way that you meet a person with online dating is different than traditional, but I guess that both are usually based on appearances.First contact also tends to be different with online dating.I think this premise sounds hilarious and just like the kind of chick lit I like.

I used to joke that I should give classes in how to write Craigslist ads looking for roommates because so many of the ones I read/received were terrible! *added* *purchased* and now to resist reading it this instant because I have a gazillion papers to write and finals to study for. I have to admit that I have come across some interesting profiles and some things that I questioned, but there have also been some very nice people online.

En cuanto a mi yo tengo 27 anos y me gusta hacer ejercicio 5 veces por semana y mi esposo tiene 44 y tambien le gusta hacer ejercicio . En cuanto a hombres estoy totalmente abierta a opciones nuevas con la aprobacion de mi esposo.… continue reading »

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