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Francisco de Almeida, however, agreed with Bahrey's dating, affirming that the Galla first began migrating around the time of Ahmed Gragn's invasion (1527).

During the time of luba Bifolé, the Oromo migration achieved its first major success.

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The expansion had a profound impact on subsequent historical events occurring in Ethiopia.Not only were newly taken territories permanently settled by Oromo for the first time, but mules and horses began to be ridden by the first time.The adoption of horseback-riding from the north greatly increased the Oromo fighting power, putting them on par with Ethiopian troops, who were largely unequipped with firearms.Because the Oromo did not keep a written record of the migrations, this article must refer to Ethiopia, Portuguese, and Arabic sources for the reasons behind the migrations.

In particular, a 16th-century Tigray monk named Bahrey is the foremost source on the migrations.According to his chronicle, the Emperor defeated the Oromo incursions and made subject to his rule those he captured, preventing further attacks for some time, with further incursions reduced to skirmishes.