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30-Aug-2017 13:12

"The fairies come out of the animals in the woods, basically. We were going to make them asexual so they could be naked, with deer eyes and bigger eyes and covered with a little bit of hair, and have iridescent skin, with white peach fuzz on them.

They ended up having the features of two kids who were mo-capped for their faces and expressions.

By moving from flower to flower so they can feed, hummingbirds pollinate many plants.

Hummingbirds also sometimes eat insects and spiders.

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They often hover in the air to feed on flowers, nectar, and sap.The fairies, in particular, were inspired by the director's wish that they be child-like."Rupert wanted them to be kids," explains Nicolas-Troyan.We scanned that and The Mill started working on it.

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The tricky part was how was he going to come out of the mirror?They may eat up to twice their body weight in food each day; this helps give them energy to sustain their quick-time movements and rapid wing beats.

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