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Masculine power is described as, “a distinct energy that comes from a dominant man with a good heart, positive intentions, whose life is an adventure, and who strives for success.” The coaches talk about the “Reptilian Brain” of a woman, that part of the female brain that is genetically pre-programmed to respond automatically to certain male traits, like power, dominance, being a challenge, mysteriousness, sexuality, and genuineness.No matter how logical or intelligent a woman may be, she is always to some degree powerless over these male characteristics.

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For men who have lost their self-confidence, who are tired of being rejected by women, who might just be naturally shy, or who simply lack the “game” to get the girl they really want, the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) may be the answer.

The Girlfriend System is not one of those PUA sites or downloadable ebook programs that shows men how to bed crazy numbers of women.

ENTER Jay Rayner, the culinary Moses with his Ten Food Commandments dispensed on tablets better described as revamped pizza boxes. " he enquired, not asking if he should make the quickest ever entry and exit, but instead if he should dispense with his Moses cloak. Later The Observer's restaurant critic was to remove even more, his modesty saved only by discreetly placed pork scratchings, in a spoof of Mena Suvari's notorious poster pose amid the roses for American Beauty.

", was the verdict, and a parting of the ways ensued.

He is a natural performer, quick witted, full of quips and tips, opinionated, fearless, saucier than Béchamel, and he knows his onions on so much more than onions and shallots, as he lays down his epicurean rules, whether championing eating with your hands or worshipping leftovers.