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The market is frequented mostly by Venetian locals with a continuous passage of boats and carriages full of fruits, vegetables and fish specialties from the Adriatic sea.

The area is most alive during the day, when locals do their weekly shopping and enjoy a glass of wine and delicious snacks in the traditional trattoria and osteria in the area.

Travelling through the channels is also a lot quicker than walking through the streets and the various stops in the city are very well located.

Vaporetti are equally popular with tourists, who use them to both get to hotels and restaurants and to explore the city via the many tours on offer.

White and red wine are the drinks of choice with an excellent selection of Italian wines, mostly front small vineyards and individual producers in the north-east of the country.

All’Arco is a great place to experience local culture and mingle with Venetians.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8am-7.30pm The Canale Grande, travelling from St.

Mark’s Basin on one end to a lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station on the other, has been Venice’s most significant waterway for centuries.

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It is well-known for its famous fruit and vegetable markets in the mornings and lively bar scene in the evenings.Since the 12th century, a number of wooden bridges had occupied the same spot we find the Rialto Bridge in today.Today’s bridge is made of Istrian stone, a type of white marble that is especially typical of Venetian artworks at the time.Just off the Rialto Market, the Rialto daytime bar, All’Arco, is a truly authentic place to enjoy a glass of wine or spritz during the day.

Aside from a tiny two-person table on the street in front of the bar, All’Arco offers standing space only.Read below to find out how to spend an outstanding day in this small Italian neighborhood.