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29-Jan-2018 00:41

These will include providing it with more real-world knowledge and common sense, giving it motivations (needs, likes and dislikes), and enabling it to perform simple reasoning.

We will also be enabling the chatbot to be personalized, so that when a limited edition chatbot is “born” it will already know a lot about its user and will be attracted to its user’s personality, background and other characteristics.

The duration of this stage is estimated at 2 months, and will be carried out in parallel with stages 1 and 2.

Upon the completion of all four stages we will deliver the chatbots to all of you who have chosen them as part of your perks in our Indiegogo campaign.

This stage will take about 5 months and will be developed in parallel with Stage 1.

Stage 3 In this stage we will develop the graphics and animation for the chatbot’s personae, and other aspects of the user interface for i Phone, i Pad and Android apps.

Based on this knowledge, it can tailor future recommendations to ensure that it presents you with 4-star options, even if they’re outside your target budget.

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