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But, the majority of the 1960's was the glory years of VOX amps. Easy to find, picture packed, with tons of information. Let there be No mistake: THIS Book is THE Reference-point on these amplifiers for 2 reasons: First, the construction of the book, itself, and, Secondly, its encyclopaedic, exhaustive Contents: A. The pages are Formidable and are made of weighty stock. The pages are Smyth-Sewn in sets of 3/64 inch Signatures. A book of this size and weight MUST be Smyth-sewn in signatures, or the TEXT will eventually pull away from the book's spine. DO remember that it is quite ponderous in weight and size. Every conceivable concept concerning classic VOX Amplifiers ( 1959-1968 ) is covered ... For example, the reader can find VOX-related types and brands of VACUUM Tubes installed, TOLEX Variations, COLOUR variations, Speaker-types, SPECIAL-order cases, Detailed DATA sheets, Looking to find RARE and one-off VOX amps? Grill-cloth types, Badge-variations, Handles, prototypes, ALL of the Beatles' gear, and much MUCH more! Broken down into 7 sections 53 chapters and 10 referencedsub-sections, in a total of 682 pages, as follows: Section 1. Bobby and they will tell you that THIS book is massively comprehensive in all aspects. It is more than you thought could be printed under one cover! What this work doesn't contain you can find on the net. Additional Materials This work blows away any of the so called service papers,engineering guides, or collector books.Yours has six digits, and may I assume it's on the neck plate? your help is very much appreciated Pat, Your really cool Vox guitar is worth, depending upon overall condition and originality of all the bits and parts: Mint condition: CAN$ 1,575 Excellent condition: CAN$ 1,300 Excellent condition: CAN$ 1,050 Very good : CAN$ 920 Very good: CAN$ 755 Good: CAN$ 600I hope this helps!!Also, I have seen Italian-made Mark VI's with serial numbers very close to that of yours, but quite lower in the production sequence, so it was speculated that the those were made in 1966. Italian guitar production, which was controlled by Thomas Organ, continued until late 1969. I did find behind the neck stock "made in Italy" so that answers that question. 😃 By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

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Just a glance at the book makes it clear that an obsession has been at work here, but reading it reveals a depth that could not have been inspired by obsession alone. Elyea says that after years of waiting for the next great book on Vox to hit the stores, it dawned on him one day that he would be the one to write it.Twelve years in the making, it is a very big book, and I’m not just talking about its physical size—although at 9.5 x 12 inches and 682 pages, it’s no slight thing in that regard either.In terms of what this book achieves, it may be even bigger than its outsized proportions can convey.Laudably, he is never reticent about what he could not verify. Certain to become the definitive book on the subject, Vox Amplifiers also sets a new standard by which other books on the history of our most beloved gear might be judged.

It’s not just that the text and the photography are equally edifying, organized and easy to navigate, or even just that it covers so much territory, from history to field guide, to reference manual, to nostalgic coffee table book. It must have been Elyea’s obsession with Vox amps that started it, but his quest to find out everything that could be found out about Vox Amplifiers in the early years can only be described as relentless.

“At that moment, there was no question,” he tells me.

This would seem to conflict with the website that identifies the serial number as a 1913 build. If less than that, I probably will give it to one of our sons, as part of the family lore. … continue reading »

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