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05-Oct-2017 23:08

Edison clarified, “Only [the media] said we were at the stage of discussing marriage. We were happy together, and that’s all that matters.” Due to earlier reports claiming that the couple broke up due to Edison’s involvement with another woman, he adamantly denied the rumors, “Actually, our personal relationship had areas of difficulties. Edison Chen is currently dating Vincy Yeung and is currently dating Grace Wan. Well, I knew that everyone goes through sleep depreivation, but you can never prepare for that. When probed about his recent breakup with his former employee, Ann Hong (洪文安), Edison directly admitted, “Ann and I both felt the need to focus on ourselves. We felt that we needed to work hard for own futures. As long as Ann and I know the real reason [for our breakup], then it is okay.” With Valentine’s Day approaching, Edison intends to travel to the United States to watch the NBA games. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.Hopefully, we will have another shot at love together in the future.” Since the couple reportedly had reached a stage of marriage, reporters asked whether Edison felt regret. The Ashley you guys are talking about is not my new girlfriend. Fresh out of a long-term relationship, Edison currently has no plans for dating at the moment. By using the Jayne Stars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use. When another man told him not to get violent, Chen denied doing so and said that the cameraman had walked into him.According to the tabloid, Chen's father Edward Chen had also stepped out of the hotel moments before Edison and Qin.Madly in love, Cammi often left messages on her blog hinting [at her secret relationship with Edison], including “secret love passwords” such as “abcde” which signified “EDC baby.” Cammi also uploaded a photo of a received gift of a stuffed toy, worth several thousand Hong Kong dollars.

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Qin, who in 2012 married Leigh Gow, general manager of Huayi Brothers Fashion Group, was also spotted leaving a boutique hotel in Hong Kong with Chen on Tuesday (May 31).

8 Nov – As intimate photos of Edison Chen his 16-year-old fling, Cammi Tse, make the rounds, a displeased ex-girlfriend expresses her disgust through the media.

According to Jayne Star's website, Edison's rumored ex-girlfriend, Gloria Wong, scolded him bluntly for his fetish obsessions and revealed that Edison had asked her to wear a pink lingerie set to pose for some photographs while they were dating.

Earlier, it was rumored that Edison had broken up with former girlfriend, Albert Yeung’s (楊受成) niece, Vincy Yeung (楊永晴).

Each time such breakup rumors circulated, Edison stepped forward to deny them. Attending a promotional event with costar, Venus Wong (王敏奕) today, Edison expressed that although he was always interested in acting, he unfortunately had not come upon a good script until now.