Woodbine and dating with a cause

21-Aug-2017 01:39

If this was a respectable place they would have a breed and low weight limit and only allow one animal per apartment.

They would designate units for people with dogs and people without dogs live in a seperate unit. This apartment complex has many irresponsible parents who allow their kids to run like wild animals and throw objects around tenants cars. Keep a camera overlooking your vehicle and park where you can see your vehicle from your window. On Saturdays when most people are home trying to relax that's when they allow big noisy trucks to clean the property causing your nice quiet weekend to be a hectic irritating day. The inside of these units are old and all appliances are outdated.

Woodbine pool has people coming in from other areas making too much noise, hanging out in the parking lots and causing problems in the summer. The things I wrote about I would not have known to look for when searching for apartments because the one I came from was so lovely. I would rather pay the extra money for the piece of mind. This rental property allow people to bring dogs as big as horses.

A beautiful clubhouse and big fitness area and most of all a pool only for the tenants. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, and we're sorry to hear of your recent frustrations.

The worst part: Woodbine simply forgot to mail me my last bill.

They had my new address, email, and phone number, but never contacted me.

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The screens on the patios have small pin wholes that get bigger and no idea why.The hallways are nasty and smelly from all these dirty animals and I can smell the stinch of wet dog coming through my vents because every apartment has animals except mines and I have plug in deodorizers in every outlet to keep the stinch away.